Exclusive! Vivek Oberoi: Should actors be side-lined just because they are related to somebody in the industry?

The year 2020 sparked the debate of nepotism yet again where many actors shared their views on the hot topic that gets discussed every now and then in Bollywood. In conversation with Bombay Times, Vivek Oberoi too shared his views on the issue that the Hindi film industry gets targeted for quite often. Vivek, who’s senior actor Suresh Oberoi’s son made valid points.

The Saathiya actor said, “The word that has been bandied a lot since few years is nepotism. At the end of the day, you could be the greatest superstar’s child, or an absolute newcomer, but it is the audience, who decides to accept or reject you. What makes the big difference is, whether or not you have it in you.”

Vivek, who was in the news recently for not wearing a helmet while riding his bike further pointed out that it is talent that makes or breaks one’s career. He explained, “There are people from within the industry, who are actually deserving and talented. But should they be side-lined just because they are related to somebody in the industry?”

The actor who’s also ventured into production promises to discover and provide a launch pad to the most deserving people. He signs off saying, “As a producer, I believe in discovering new talent. In my projects, I am open to providing them a platform too.”