Exclusive: When Juhi Chawla’s son Arjun got upset watching Bhootnath

Juhi Chawla has always said that there are hardly any films of hers that her kids have watched. Though only a couple of films of hers they saw, there’s one film that got the actress’s son Arjun, upset.

Sharing more details on this movie, Juhi tells Bombay Times, “The first film my kids saw that starred me was Bhootnath (the Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan co-starrer released in 2008). I was very excited about this film. My kids were 4-5 years old and I thought I should show them this movie. So, not only my kids, but I also took their friends along to see the horror comedy in a multiplex. I was pretty sure that they would enjoy watching this film to the fullest. However, at the end of it their reaction was totally unexpected.”

Remembering the incident, Juhi adds, “My son got really upset and started questioning me, ‘how could you be somebody else’s mother when you are my mummy?’ My daughter on the other hand was angry because I slapped Banku (the child protagonist) in the film. She asked me, ‘How could you slap that little boy?’ I did not expect my kids to get disturbed watching my film,” says an amused Juhi.