Exclusive!“Radhika Apte is the one who inspired me a lot, I'd like to do something like that.” says Rashmi Agdekar on International Women’s day.

Bollywood actress, Rashmi Agdekar, has impressed the audience with her brilliant performance in many films. Rashmi Agdekar has played the role of a lesbian and several different characters, which were critically acclaimed. The actress has raised her voice and always been upfront to keep her views. So this being a month of Women’s day the actress emphasized her views and the importance of the day.

Rashmi Agdekar expressed what Women’s Day means to her and what changes she has seen in the cinema regarding women, “Until now, Women’s day meant celebrating the women in my life. But this year I’m also going to celebrate myself. So this day is becoming a reason to remind me of my strengths and weaknesses and how I can better myself and contribute my bit to this world. We are definitely having more roles written for women in our films who have much more to do than just be related to the Hero. There are several women in your life, who play such an important part in every step. It was high time we saw that on-screen too!”

Rashmi Agdekar also opened up about her views on whether there are inequalities regarding women and who inspired her to take up acting, “I really want to see a day where a female-led film does just as much business and is loved as any other male-centric film. If that happens more studios will invest more money in such films and take risks. I guess we are still getting there! Radhika Apte is the one who inspired me a lot, I love how she revived her career and now is not just a highly acclaimed actress here but also internationally. I’d like to do something like that.”

On the work front, Rashmi Agdekar will be soon announcing her next project in the mid of this month.