Fans click photos with Ajith; the pictures go viral online

Ajith is one actor who doesn’t allow his work commitments to hamper his passion. Recently, the actor who is also a die-hard biker took a road trip to Sikkim and some photos from the trip were circulating on social media. Now, the actor has been spotted in Hyderabad and in no time, people gathered around him and the busy star obliged with his sweet smile. Hordes of Thala fans got an opportunity to click photos with him and this include families and girls. Ajith, who shuns publicity and stay away from even his own film’s promotions, however, has given a bit of relaxation and has allowed one of his fellow bikers to click his photo. This way, it seems, the start wanted to bust the rumour that he completed a 5k road trip, while he undertook a 10k road trip by bike.

One of the bikers wrote on Twitter that though he has gone of rides with the star on several occasions, he has never clicked a photo of the star as Ajith prefers his privacy and as a fellow biker he never wanted to do otherwise. Posting a photo with Ajith, he added that the photo was taken with the permission of Ajith, who wanted to convey that while many have been thinking that he took a 5k bike ride, he along with his team of bikers have covered more than 10k kilometres.

On the film front, Ajith’s Valimai directed by H Vinoth is in progress and the fans have been asking for an update about the same for a long time. But as a surprise, they have got photos of their Thala with fans and they are sharing it and celebrating it to the hit.