Farah Khan Ali reacts to Kangana Ranaut blocking her on Twitter: I just wish her common sense

Kangana Ranaut recently blocked jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali on Twitter, following a row on social media. Farah Khan Ali had countered Kangana for her remarks against the Mumbai Police and Kangana chose to block her. In response, Farah had Tweeted, “The self proclaimed Queen of Bollywood just blocked me!!! I must have said something to piss her off.”

The self proclaimed Queen of Bollywood just blocked me !!!😜😝🤪😄🙌🙌🙌 I must have said something to piss her off. 😉.

Speaking to ETimes, Farah Khan Ali stated, “I have said what I have to and don’t wish to say anymore. I just wish her common sense, I wish that she can speak well about everyone. Because when you speak bad about people, it reflects your upbringing so she is not reflecting herself, but her upbringing. She should think about her parents, who gave up so much to make her successful, she should make them proud. She is someone who has a certain following, for whatever reason they follow her, so she should be that person who leads responsibly to make a difference, instead of criticizing people, going after them and tagging the Prime Minister’s office, for matters that doesn’t concern them in any manner.”

On her part, Kangana Ranaut had maintained on Twitter, “I look forward to constructive criticism, I am very keen to empathise with others point of views it will enhance my perspective and make me more objective,if you are just a bully/troll, got nothing rational to say then you will be blocked,what is your USE anywhere in the world ?”