Fardeen Khan Birthday Exclusive: Mother-in-law, yesteryear actress Mumtaz enjoys cooking for the actor

A few months ago, Fardeen Khan surprised all when he was spotted in Mumbai looking much leaner. The actor had made headlines earlier as he gained extra kilos, and this time he got attention for all the right reasons. In an earlier interaction with BT, Fardeen shared his diet and workout routine with which he dropped a whopping 18 kilos.

On the occasion of his birthday today, Fardeen lets BT know about his cheat diet. Though he is following a strict Keto regime, he enjoys setting himself free at times, especially when he is in the company of his mother-in-law, yesteryears actress Mumtaz in London. He says, “She is a brilliant cook! On my cheat days, she used to make lamb biryani for me. I must also give a special mention to her baingan ka bharta, which is super yummy.”

Fardeen who’s much fitter now doesn’t want to stop and has set a goal. He also credits his wife Natasha and kids Diani and Azarius for motivating him to lose weight. He says, “Natasha is pretty fit. She has six pack abs and all. Also, when you are a parent, keeping up with your children becomes a challenge if you are not in the best of shape. My daughter cycles, my son plays in the park and you have to chase them! You want to go hiking with them, introduce them to sports that you played. That’s part of the job of being a parent and you can best do it when you are fit.”

The actor is also in news for planning to make a comeback to movies, and that also being one of the main reasons for the weight loss. He says, “If you look at my last few movies I was a bit heavy. While Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt were the first ones to show us the way, you look at Hrithik Roshan, Varun Dhawan or Tiger Shroff today, they are so good. In the current times, it is so much about looking good and being in good shape.”