Find out how Moubani got a sore throat

Moubani Sorcar has explored her creative side to the fullest in the unlock phases. But she faced a strange difficulty while pursuing her regular work. A choked voice troubled her for days.

“Apart from acting, I keep time aside to teach in Rabindra Bharati University. It is a difficult course called illusion and I had no other way than to teach them online given the pandemic. Since we have to finish the syllabus fast, I took a class for three hours at a stretch last week where I did all the talking. And we have to speak in a particular pitch so that students are attentive enough. That did the damage and my voice got choked,” she shared.

The actress is also happy to get back to doing what she loves the most i.e. dancing and painting. While she takes up dancing more professionally, painting is just a creative outlet. “I teach Odissi online and also learn from my guru at the same time. Since the unlock started, I have been able to stay in touch with my dance students through online classes and gone back to practice. Painting is more out of passion. I have started painting a wall in my room with acrylic and I am decorating it with real embellishments,” Moubani explained.

In the past few months, a lot of realisations also dawned on. She has been noting them down as poems and has written around 20 of them. “I am very particular about my Facebook account. I keep writing posts regularly about my realisations and the best thing is that we sisters have been able to introduce Facebook to our parents too now,” Moubani said.