For Ankur Bhatia, lockdown has been all about bonding with his son

Accept it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate our priorities. Take Ankur Bhatia, for example. The actor, who has featured in the Shraddha Kapoor-starrer ‘Haseena’, has barely had time to spend with his family in the US over the past couple of years, as he has been shooting for various projects.

And, he would have probably continued doing so, had the pandemic not forced him to slow down and stay put. Today, Ankur says that the lockdown period has been one of the most memorable and beautiful phases of his life.

He says, “I reached New York on March 2, and my plan was to return to Mumbai in two-three weeks’ time. But now, I have been here for almost six months. I was traveling so much over the past few years that I couldn’t spend much time with Abir (his six-year-old son). It pinches me whenever I am not around him. I want to see him every night when I come back home, but I can’t do that because I am always away shooting. However, I made up for all that lost time during the past few months — we would go on long bike rides, and I would try and cook kids’ recipes. We watched a lot of movies as well. While I love Batman, Abir’s favourite superhero keeps on changing, though Hulk has been relatively constant on his list.”

Ankur is also imparting art lessons to his son. He adds, “I am a painter, too, and I have been teaching him that. He is getting better at it now. In short, we spent the entire lockdown together, having fun and doing things we like. We have created a lot of happy memories.”

The actor is expected to be back in Mumbai in a couple of weeks, as he has a project in the pipeline.