#FridayThoughts: Parth Oza shares an alarming message on his social media handle

The deadly virus has left everyone in a bad phase for months now, the Indian Government has been requesting the citizens to be safe and follow the safety measures. Despite, many individuals are roaming outside without following the guidelines and are not taking the safety measures. Looking into this, actor Parth Oza had recently shared a tweet on his Twitter account.

The star shared, “Peak in Gujarat, evident. Everyday we hear some of our near and dear ones affected with COVID. Still, there are some blessed souls whom we talk with & they say, “Corona jevu to kai che j nai, Aapanne Naa thaay“.Overcome your fear of reality & not senselessness.” #FridayThoughts

Earlier, he shared a message for the doctors that reads, “Being an artist, I can truly relate to the artist’s and organizer’s condition, but for the sake of creating hype & with absolutely no knowledge you cannot challenge doctors & medical fraternity for their immense dedication in this pandemic. Thought shared Pouting face #Navratri2020.”