Government will offer protection to Seenu Ramasamy if he approaches formally: TN Minister

Earlier in the day, director Seenu Ramasamy had claimed at a press meet that he is being threatened by abusive phone calls for asking Vijay Sethupathi to opt out of the Muthiah Muralidaran biopic, 800.

Now, the Tamil Nadu minister for Information and Publicity, Kadambur Raju has announced that the government will look into the matter provided the National Award-winning filmmaker registers a complaint formally.

“The issue came to an end after Vijay Sethupathi accepted Muthiah Muralidaran’s request to opt out of the project with a simple ‘Nandri.. Vanakkam’. I came to know about this new development only through television news. I don’t think he (Seenu Ramasamy) has approached the government or the chief minister formally. That said, this government will not be a bystander when someone — whoever it is — faces threats. I can give you many examples for this. In fact, following the threat to Vijay Sethupathi’s daughter, the government swiftly sprung into action, and the youngster (who posted the abuisve post) has apologised for it. If Seenu Ramasamy formally files a complaint and seeks protection, the government will offer protection and will also not hesitate to take action (against the ones behind the threats),” stated the minister.

The director had previously told us what he had told Vijay Sethupathi when the actor had met him to wish him on his birthday. “I told him, ‘You have managed to find a place in everyone’s hearts. And you have also earned a reputation for being humble, and being a do-gooder. People look at you like a family member. Now, there is this criticism against you. You should take into consideration the sentiments of the people who adore you, and the path that you want to chart in your career, and take the right decision.’ I also told him, “I don’t see this as an attempt to throttle your artistic freedom. Do not make a community of Tamils hate you just because of this controversy,” he had told us.