Had a blast in Goa: Soham shares his experience at IFFI

Soham Majumdar is back in Kolkata. And on Friday, he completed shooting for Soumyajit Majumdar’s upcoming film, Homecoming. “The film is about the reunion of a rebellious youth theatre group after seven years during an eventful Nabami night during Durga puja. I play Abhishek Ghatak in the film, who is part of the theatre group which gets dismantled for some reason. Though I am not part of any theatre group at present, but I have a theatre background. So, I could relate to the character well. Abhishek has now moved out of the country for his job but had to come back to settle some dispute regarding the house where rehearsals used to happen. There, on Nabami night, he meets all the actors from the theatre group of which he was part of at one point. The story of the film focuses on this one night,” said the actor, who is just back from Goa after Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti, where he plays the male lead, was screened at the Indian Panorama feature film category of the 51st edition of IFFI. Talking about his Goa experience, Soham said, “This is my third trip to Goa. First, I went with my mother after completing ICSC. Then I went there to attend a theatre festival, and this time I went there to be a part of IFFI. We had a blast there. I interacted with so many directors from different countries, which helped me understand the language of cinema.”

So, what did 2020 teach him? “Well, I learnt a lot from this pandemic. The pandemic taught me how to take life as it comes. Added to that, I learnt kickboxing and how to drive. Cooking is also something I learnt during the lockdown. It might sound simple to many, but to me it is an art,” said the actor.