Hansika wraps up her 50th film, Maha

Actress Hansika Motwani’s 50th film has now been wrapped up. The team had revealed the different avatars of the actress with every poster, raising the expectations of her fans. Recently, the shooting resumed with the strict implementation of social distancing and other safety guidelines. Now, the entire crew is happy that the shooting has been completed successfully.

Says Hansika, “A major part of the year 2020 has been a phase of trials and tribulations for gazillions. Many have lost their lives due to the pandemic issues leaving behind their loved ones in pain and distress. I pray and wish that the families and close ones of the deceased may soon recover from the excruciating situations and at the same time, call upon almighty that the departed souls may rest in peace. On the other hand, the frontline warriors have been the saviour of the hour. Without them, we wouldn’t be enjoying a peaceful life for they have kept us alienated from the hazardous situations with their mighty efforts during this phase. I salute to these heroes for safeguarding the people with their wholehearted dedication. I am elated happy to see that my ambitious project Maha has finally wrapped up with the shooting. Despite the long hiatus, the entire crew retained the high spirits it had during the commencement of the project. I thank everyone in the team for being supportive, especially during these crucial times. We resumed the shooting works by following the strict rules of social distancing and hygiene factors as insisted by the Government. I thank director UR Jameel for his dedication that remained same from beginning till end of this project. Our producers Mathiyalagan sir, Dato Abdul Malik sir, Mohamed Zubair sir and Razik Ahamed sir have been the pillars in letting this project shape up as envisaged by director Jameel. We, as a team, are so happy with the completion and are looking forward to releasing the film for summer 2021. I am thankful to Simbhu for his gesture of accepting to be a part of this film and I am sure that his episodes will be appreciated by the crowds.”

The actress also tweeted her thanks to her team.