Happy Teachers Day! Priyanka Sarkar: My Father has been the greatest teacher in my life’

They say teaching is leaving a vestige of oneself, in the development of another. For actress Priyanka Sarkar, her father is the greatest teacher in her life.

“Since my father was a teacher and used to teach commerce, I belong to a family where I grew up seeing a teacher’s life, dedication and service up close and personal and have always had a huge respect for them and the profession in particular. To me, my father has been and will always be the greatest teacher in my life. Teacher’s Day has always been a very special occasion for me. I still remember I used to wait eagerly for the gifts my father would bring back with him,” shares the actress in an exclusive chat with ETimes.

She further goes down the memory lane. “The students used to gift flowers, hand-drawn cards and pens and I remember I would eagerly wait for those beautiful pens the most. We too would make special cards and take flowers for our teachers on this special day. I had never been a naughty student but I can remember that sometimes we used to chitchat amongst ourselves and would often be thrown out of the class by the teacher and the best part is we would enjoy half an hour talking to friends outside the class,” adds a nostalgic Priyanka.