#HappyTeachersDay: Rituparna calls her family as the greatest teacher in life

What is Teacher’s Day? It’s about celebrating learning, evolving, reaching out to be understood like never before. Celebrating the stars of nation building can’t be restricted to just a day. Ours is the land of the Guru Shishya Parampara. It’s the bond between teachers and students shared perhaps for a lifetime. On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, we asked Tollywood’s ultimate diva Rituparna Sengupta who would be the greatest teacher in her life? Who’s that one particular teacher who has left his/her own imprint on the seasoned actress?

“Frankly speaking, there is no single teacher I would like to name. There are so many of them from my school, college and cultural institutions who have had a significant role to play in my development and growth. Over the years, I made taken so many decisions based on what I have learned so far, shared Rituparna when we spoke to her over the phone.

I must say my family is my greatest teacher since I learned many practical things in life from home and you know I am still learning new things each day. There are a few greatest leaders and philosophers who have also been an inspiration to me,” added the ‘Parcel’ actress.

To lighten the mood we asked her to share one naughtiest prank she can remember from her school days. “I can’t remember any naughtiest prank but once I was playing a fancy dress competition where I had imitated our geography teacher and got away with the act. Interestingly, later that teacher told me she was really impressed as I was pretty good in imitating,” revealed Rituparna.