Here’s why Diljit Dosanjh is feeling nervous

Diljit Dosanjh is one of the most confident actor-singers we have in the industry. However, there are moments when the turbanator also feels butterflies in his stomach; for instance, today.

Yes, today Diljit Dosanjh is feeling a little nervous. Wish to know why? He is feeling nervous about his new movie, and this indeed is the first time that artist is feeling this way about a new project.

The actor took to his social media handle to share this emotion. He wrote on his story – “First Time Nervous ann.. Navi FILM Lai..”.

Though the actor hasn’t mentioned the titled and other details of the movie, bets are being placed on ‘Ranna Ch Dhanna’. However, it’s just a speculation, something concrete can’t be said as of now.

Meanwhile, this Diwali, Diljit Dosanjh is all set to hit the big screens with ‘Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari’.