Here's why Vishnu Vishal decided to end his friendship with Soori

Recently there was a report of Soori complaining against Anbuvel Rajan and popular actor Vishnu Vishal’s father Ramesh for defrauding him. Now, as per a new report, Vishnu Vishal has clarified about his father’s involvement in the case, and also about Soori’s false accusation against his father.

Soori had told Vishnu Vishal‘s father that he was going to buy the land, and he had asked to check the papers. But, Anbuvel Rajan cheated Soori, and later, he asked Vishnu Vishal’s father to get it resolved however he couldn’t do it. Reportedly, Soori waited for the retirement of Vishnu Vishal’s father Ramesh, and included his name in the case. And that’s the reason why Vishnu Vishal has now decided to finish his friendship with Soori.

Soori and Vishnu Vishal worked together in seven films, and their collaborations have worked well. But let’s hope they find a smooth solution, and sort the difference.