Here's why Zuber K Khan has taken up parkour training

Zuber K Khan will reprise the character of Sushant Singh Rajput in the upcoming movie ‘Nyaay The Justice’. It is said to be inspired by the late actor’s life. For this, he’s learning parkour. He has been spending time undergoing intense training for the ground workout. There are certain parts in the movie which needs Zuber to perform intense chase sequences using parkour and so he had to pick it up.

Speaking about this, Zuber says, “Parkour is a great disciplined workout. It involves traversing obstacles by jumping, running, rolling, vaulting, climbing etc. and so it’s very intense. It needs expert training and I am lucky to be able get that. There are certain sequences in the movie, which need one to be well trained in this form so I took it up. I want to leave no stones unturned for this movie and give it my absolute best. I feel I owe to Sushant to do so.”

The Malad-based actor has been working out all through the lockdown. He has been doing workouts at home and in his building compound regularly. “I believe that fitness is a part of daily life. You have to be accountable to yourself and stay true to your discipline. Having a healthy body far more is as important than anything else,” he says.