Himansh Kohli: One has to choose between a clear conscience and bad karma

Despite celebrations being low-key this year, Dusshera was celebrated with great fervour across the country. Signifying the victory of good over evil, Dusshera is considered one of the most auspicious festivals in India. In a quick tête-à-tête with us, actor Himansh Kohli spoke to us about his ‘good over evil’ moment and more. Excerpts…

Tell us about your ‘good over evil’ moment…

To be honest, I rarely get stuck between doing what’s right and what’s not. In the past five to seven years, I have evolved as a person and know enough not to do anything that will hurt someone. I remember when I was in London, and went out to eat my favourite sweet snack, Churros, an old lady was taking orders at a joint. When I placed my order, she gave me change for 20 pounds, even though she had to return it for just 10 pounds. I chose to correct the mistake and return the excess amount. There are moments like these in all our lives – it is just a matter of whether you want a clear conscience or bad karma.

Share that one evil that you would like to see eradicated from society… I want all religious/caste bias to end. Religion is here to unite people – not break them apart. No matter what religion you follow, everyone lives, survives and dies. So, it’s better if we live as one rather than spreading all this hatred. Religion has been exploited for political and monetary gains for far too long. Corrupt people use it to make money and then use it as a platform to spread wrong propaganda.

One bad habit of yours that you want to do away with?

Spending money callously! I’m quite carefree (dil phek) when it comes to managing my expenses.