How Suprobhat became a regular in Anjan Dutt films

When Suprobhat Das was called to play a part in ‘Byomkesh O Agniban’ in 2017, little did he know that his life would change forever. The actor was always a fan of Anjan Dutt since he could remember and wanted to meet him, touch his feet and leave.

“An assistant director friend of mine had called me for the role in Byomkesh O Agnibaan, I felt there was no meat in it. But later, flesh was added to the role. When I gave my first shot in the film, Anjanda gave me a pat on my shoulder. There was Jisshu (U Sengupta), who was playing Byomkesh and this was quite a big recognition for me,” shares Suprobhat in an exclusive chat with ETimes.

After that, he has been a regular in Dutt’s cinema. He has already done four after the Byomkesh venture —Aami Ashbo Phirey, Finally Bhalobasha, Satyanweshi Byomkesh (in which Dutt is involved as a screenplay writer and creative supervisor) and the latest being ‘Shaheber Cutlet’. Anjan has also cast him as the titular character in his ‘Srikanta’, although the film has been sent in the backburner for the time being. It will see him play the lead in Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s Srikanta, a character that was earlier portrayed on the big screen by the likes of Uttam Kumar and Adil Hussain and on the small screen by Farooq Sheikh.

There was a time when he would make it to the bazar in the morning with a shopping bag in hand, return home to get ready for office, which, till 2011, was a shipping company. Life for him hasn’t changed with the rapid change in his career. He still goes to the bazar, cleans up his home and leaves for the studio, his current workplace.

So what’s the turning point in his career so far? Well, Suprobhat feels acting on stage is something special. “Byomkesh O Agniban, as that’s when I met Anjanda. On a personal level, it’s returning on stage with Salesmaner Sangshar and finding acceptance. I always loved the stage and holding fort alongside other talented actors is a big thing. For those like me, acting on stage is the final yardstick of measuring the calibre of an actor. It’s never films. Your biggest takeaway is when people see you on stage and say, ‘Arre e toh obhinoy ta korte pare’. That’s what happened to me,” adds the versatile actor.