How to battle mental health stigma? Tolly stars urge don’t fear about being judged

While all these questions around Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden demise continue to hit the headlines, concern over the state of our mental health is something that’s also being discussed. While many actors managed to speak up and share their views on the suffering from depression or how to deal with a low phase in life, there are still people who don’t like to speak up their mind openly on this issue. It’s the stigma attached to the topic and the fear of getting misjudged by close ones and society that haunt them. But that doesn’t mean you have to remain in that shell and not speak up ever. We caught up with some celebrities who inspire us to shed these inhibitions. They also explain why mental health shouldn’t be ignored.

“Mental health is something that’s not only a phase you talk about. You have to see a therapist, take proper medicines and get it cured. There are certain trigger points that will haunt you. It even forces people to go for drastic decisions as many didn’t feel comfortable to talk about it. Anyone who goes through such a phase looks for love and compassion, and they should be convinced that people around actually care for them. And it’s not only confined to rich people. Let’s extend our hand to everyone around, not just on social media, but it’s the personal touch that can be a saviour. Believe me, even a single phone call matters,” explains seasoned actor Swastika Mukherjee during an exclusive chat with ETimes.

Another popular actor, Parno Mittra, who herself has battled depression admitted speaking about the disturbed mental state is not so easy.

“Mental health is important! I have been suicidal and have thought of it a number of times. The pain doesn’t go away. We slowly move into a shell that becomes unbreakable! It’s not easy to open up or just talk to someone. It becomes a part of your being. I just want to tell anyone out there suffering please seek help. I have and I have been dealing with it. It’s not been easy but I have friends and family who have been there for me. My doctors have been a huge support. So, please don’t let this just be a social media trend. Be kind and watch out for your loved ones,” urged Parno.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has brought back the spotlight on depression. A seemingly perfect life might not really be one. The Bollywood actor’s success as an actor couldn’t even cover up a lonely, melancholic state that he had revealed in his last Instagram post that’s now gone viral.