I am a perfectionist and don’t take shortcuts: Paran Bandopadhyay on his illustrious career

Industry insiders often say that Paran Bandopadhyay will only say yes to a role on his own terms and conditions and the acting powerhouse says it’s good to have a little bit of attitude.

“I love working on my terms and conditions. I am a perfectionist and don’t take shortcuts when it comes to acting. For me, acting is a collective art and I prefer to concentrate on my work when I am on the floors. But these days, most of the actors and actress are only concerned about their looks and costumes than their performances. I have a serious problem with that. Their negligence can affect the entire scene of which I am also a part. And as for reporting late on the sets, yes I do as I don’t want to indulge in idle gossip,” explains the veteran actor during an exclusive chat.

Meanwhile, about the rise of good contents the veteran actor says for more than decades, Indian cinema was synonymous to made-in-Hindi Bollywood content which forced films made in other languages on the backburner.

“Not anymore,” just like many movie aficionados and experts Paran Bandopadhyay adds, while citing a wide range of choices, easier access to content on OTT platforms and the ample time because of the lockdown restrictions as the key reasons for the remarkable shift.

“Streaming channels now show top class talents from all over India, for a wider open to good content audience, and making word-of-mouth publicity more effective these days. So, if anyone now hears a friend recommending a movie on OTT made in a language other than Hindi, he/she will surely check it out,” points out the seasoned actor while speaking to ETimes.

The ‘Cinemawala’ actor also adds that OTT streaming platforms have now proved that “Bollywood solely is no longer Indian cinema.”