I took my New Year resolution of waking up at 5 am since December 2020 itself: Aryann

The year gone by has left many with new revelations and newer resolutions to take up. Actor Aryann Bhowmik is one such person who utilised December 2020 to get to the 2021 groove. “I have taken my New Year resolution since December 2020 itself. I had read this book called The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma and was extremely inspired. So, I didn’t wait for 2021 to make the resolution of waking up as early as 5 am every day!” he said.

The actor is happy to have made this choice. He is also keen that others follow this. “I can’t explain how energetic and ready to embrace the day I feel after waking up at 5 am. It’s an extremely good habit and everyone should be ready to follow this routine for their own good,” urged Aryann.

He is keeping all his schedules in mind with the waking up at 5 am ritual. “I start the day so refreshed that I wonder why didn’t I do this earlier. Besides, it is always good to start a New Year with invigorating energy all around. And early mornings are the perfect time to do that. And I didn’t want to be left out of the club of people who do that,” Aryann said.