Ida wants to be a good girl this birthday

It’s Ida Dasgupta’s birthday today and her father Birsa Dasgupta has posted a loving picture with her on social media. “My baby’s first double-digit birthday! Happy 10th IDA (sic),” he captioned the photo.

Birsa who is shooting till midnight today, celebrated Ida’s birthday yesterday. “On Thursday night, we rang in Ida’s birthday at midnight. Then we had our share of playing games. I am shooting today, so I won’t be part of any celebration at home. Her mother (Bidipta Chakraborty) is taking care of all, right from making five types of vegetable fries to payesh and Ida’s favourite dishes. We will celebrate her birthday again on Sunday and will have mutton biryani, which is her favourite dish,” said the director.

The birthday girl told us, “I haven’t received any gifts yet. Only ma gifted me a new dress, which I am wearing. My father has ordered some gift, which I am yet to receive. My elder sister has not gifted me anything yet. This birthday is different, with no friends and relatives. But my best friend Risha called me last night and made a surprise visit. But she didn’t come up because of the pandemic. I went down and met her.”

When asked about her birthday resolution, she said, “I want to be a good girl. Not that I am a bad girl now, but I want to be an obedient child. And I also want to study regularly like a good girl.”