Ihana Dhillon: I'll miss the energy of the Ganpati visarjan this year

Ihana Dhillon has had a low-key Ganapati, like so many people this year. She is a huge follower of Bappa and just celebrated the festival silently at her house with her family. The actress also prepared the traditional ‘modaks’ and did the pooja.

Speaking about this, Ihana says, “We did have a very quiet celebration as compared to all the other years. Owing to the pandemic, the situation is still grim and Covid-19 cases are rising at an alarming level. We all have to be very careful. We followed rules and maintained social distance and there was just the family around. I feel that Bappa will shower his blessings if we keep him in our hearts and that it does not matter if this is not a rousing celebration. I hope everyone keeps safe and avoids contact as much as possible during this time. The world is going through a difficult time and we cannot afford to take our foot off the pedal. “

She adds, “I will be missing doing the visarjan with everyone. We always used to do the visarjan on the 10th day with close family and friends. But there is a downside to it this year because of the situation. I’ll miss the energy during the visarjan. Nevertheless, we will stick to the rules. Ganapati Bappa Morya.”

We wish everyone a very happy Ganapati celebrations. We are in it together and we hopefully will come out of it soon. Sending our love and wishes to Ihana.