Imtiaz Ali shares an explanation for the ‘chaos and confusion’ in Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone’s Tamasha

Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali has shared an explanation of one of his complex films, Tamasha, and the chaos and confusion that the storyteller (essayed by Piyush Mishra) introduces, both for the viewer as well as the lead character Ved, played by Ranbir Kapoor. The film also featured Deepika Padukone.

A handle named ‘Imtiaz Ali the Storyteller’ detailed their own understanding of the perspective behind the chaos and Imtiaz shared it on his Instagram Stories. The handle posted a clip from the film, and the description read as, “Chaos and Confusion behind “Tamasha”. We in our whole life living in this state of Chaos and confusion of Can I do it or not? Who Am I? What’s gonna happen next?..Like a tree knows his purpose that is an easy job for them. but for a human being, it’s the process of figuring out and giving try to different things.”

“Reason for Confusing us?..Simple things are easily grasped but if you want an absolute and deeper Knowledge unless you are not in the state of chaos you won’t discover yourself imagine Sachin Tendulkar Playing Lawn Tennis he will look ordinary. it’s about unfolding your own story..Even after a lot of Observation, it took me five more years to understand the true purpose of the storyteller the vision he wants to show by confusing us through this wonderful story,” it further said.

“During this lockdown, I understand why he tries to confuse us… Because just like Ved He wants us to know the stories that had happened in the past Laila Majnu, Radha-Krishna, Ram-Sita, Romie-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha, etc. by discovering and doing researches and once you figure out you will think that. “Why always the same story”? Your Existence starting to Enlighten. This whole world is in a state of confusion and chaos or we can say it in just one word for an aptly suitable title (tamasha ),” the description said.

About the film, Imtiaz had told PTI in 2015, “This film was made with a view that the audience is not stupid. I often feel they are more advanced than filmmakers. We sometimes try to put our mistakes, our incapacities upon them. The heartwarming reaction to Tamasha, hopefully, will dispel that notion that the audience does not understand or you can fool them.”