Indranil wraps up the shoot of his next 'Urmimala'

Talented filmmaker Indranil Banerjee has wrapped up the shoot of his next short film ‘Urmimala’. It stars notable actors like Asish Pathak, Shampa Mukherjee, Piyali Dhar, Satya Charan Sardar and Gokul Mullick. Written and produced by Kesto Mandal, the short film has been shot by Tuhin Dasgupta.

“The main content or theme of an author’s composition is to portray the stories and tales of the abstract, unreal, illusory and desultory world that exists beyond our imagination and understanding. Sometimes it is known as the parallel universe. The characters created by the author often become alive and vivacious in the auxiliary world of imagination and perception. The outcome of this creation leads the author to talk and laugh with them and these characters become a part of the author’s subconscious life that precisely takes over his own consciousness. The arrival and departure of these characters happen in accordance with time and the author’s mood. For example, one day a beautiful floozy woman enters the author’s room at midnight. A totally quiescent and secluded aura prevails all around. The lady comes towards the author and introduces herself ……Then what happened? That’s what forms the crux of the story,” shares Indranil while speaking about the film.

Indranil has previously directed critically acclaimed short films like ‘Hakchhoooo’, ‘One Night Stand’, Hello’ to name a few. He also made a horror mini-series ‘Four Shades of Leap’ that received appreciation from all corners.