Ishaa on social media bullying: I can’t cure them, so I just ignore all this

Considering the roles she has played so far there’s been a perception that Ishaa Saha is best at portraying soft-spoken characters with a touch of innocence. So, in the age of social media bullying this might be difficult for one to be more aggressive and confront trolls on social media since people have seen him/her in innocent roles. We asked the talented actor how she handles these issues. Does she like to ignore them?

“Frankly speaking, I can’t cure them. So, I rather ignore all this. But I can’t tell you how I might react in future. There’s a limit of patience. Once it crosses line, we simply don’t know how we will be reacting. Like, this year I have seen plenty of opinions on social media, as if everyone knows everything. Everybody is so opinionated. I really felt I should say a few things. But then again I decided to hold back. I thought it won’t serve any kind of purpose,” shared Ishaa during an exclusive chat with ETimes.

Another thing that bothers Ishaa is people’s mentality. As the famous saying goes by – shift has to be in a way wherein we nurture our children—both male and female, it becomes more and more relevant given the current scenario of our society.

“People’s mentality has to change for the good. This is the reason behind almost all the problems we face every day. The collective consciousness of the nation has been shaken up following several disturbing incidents in recent past. For instance, if you see the way women are treated even in this 21 st century that’s so frustrating. If a girl returns home late night, people will raise their eyebrows, there will be enquiries. Also, think about the current pandemic situation. The harsh treatment corona patients and their families face from their neighbours, it’s inhuman to say the least,” added the talented actor whose next ‘Sahobase’ is waiting for its theatrical release. She is also a part of Arindam Sil’s next ‘Mahananda’.