It was an emotional moment when my film was screened at KIFF: Riddhi Sen

Riddhi Sen’s directorial debut, Coldfire, was screened at the 26th Kolkata International Film festival recently. The National Award-winning actor-turned-director Riddhi is evidently overjoyed. “Directing a film is something I want to focus on and I am very happy that the journey has begun,” he told us. In a candid chat, he shared his experience with CT.

This is technically your debut in direction and the film got selected in KIFF. how does it feel?

KIFF holds a special place in my life. I remember the time when my parents used to get delegate cards and I used to feel left out, as I was underage. And then I was 18 and started getting the card. From there till today, I had a fantastic journey with KIFF. It was also an emotional moment when my film was screened at such an important festival, that too, in my city.

What was your first reaction when you got the news?

I, along with the entire team, rushed to get a censor certificate. Since Coldplay is a short, we were under the impression that we would not need a censor certificate. And then the reality hit us (laughs). We had to get it done by December 31 to be eligible for the festival. Anyway, that was done.

What reaction did you get?

Very, very positive. Many people called and reached out to us and that feels great. As of now, only Paramda (Parambrata Chatterjee) and Lalkaku (Suman Mukhopadhyay) have watched it and both of them praised it a lot. My film is based on Nabarun Bhattacharya’s short story and Lalkaku is an ardent reader and fan of his works. Hence, it was important for me to get his feedback. I planned to make this film in 2017. Back then, I knew nothing. I read as much I could and prepared myself.

As it seems, Coldplay is also a film made by Riddhi Sen’s gang of friends…

Of course. Rwitobroto (Mukherjee), Surangana (Bandopadhyay), Dhee (Majumber), Rajorshi (Nag) and I became friends while shooting for Open Tee Bioscope and that friendship is getting stronger by the day. Not only do we connect to each other with our common space of mind, we share a common ground professionally too. We are committed to our craft and feel compelled to give back to the industry we work in. Due to this common space and familiarity with each other, we are thick. Hence, we all share each other’s projects and help. They are an integral part of this film.