It's a special day for Prosenjit. Read on to know why...

On Sunday, Prosenjit Chatterjee’s three films – Ratan Adhikar’s Rakhe Hari Mare Ke, Joydeb Chakraborty’s Rokto Bandhan, and Swapan Saha’s Sneher Protidan completed 18 years. Also, Srijit Mukherji’s film Jaatishwar completed seven years on Sunday, which also stars Prosenjit in the lead. “The three films were super-duper hits of that time — all did golden jubilee at the box office and there were no multiplexes at that time. So, the profit all these three films made were from single screens. Now it is history. So, what we need is content to bring back the audience to the theatres. It is so heartening to see so many people went to watch films at the 26th Kolkata International Film Festival. It shows that the audience loves to watch good content and if they want, they can overcome the fear of the pandemic. So it is our duty to create good content so that the audience comes back to the theatre to watch films like before,” said the actor, adding, “Jaatishwar too was loved by all and bagged four National Awards. It is a happy Sunday for me. I want the golden days of Bengali films back.”

Rakhe Hari Mare Ke was about an honest man who was falsely accused and jailed. While Sneher Protidan was about Mohan who loves his brothers a lot and tries to ensure they do well in life. “All the brothers fall prey to a misunderstanding, which risks their bond. It was a family drama which showed how the brothers got together again and the film was loved by all,” said Prosenjit.

In all these three films Rakhe Hari Mare Ke, Sneher Protidan and Rokto Bandhan, Rachna Banerjee was cast opposite Prosenjit Chatterjee.