Jacqueline Fernandez is spending her time surrounded by animals

During the lockdown, Jacqueline Fernandez is living with Salman Khan and his family at his Farmhouse in Panvel. Jacqueline Fernandez is enjoying a lot in the farmhouse. Jacqueline has shared an enjoyable video on Insta, In which she seen doing different ways of activities like horse riding, reading, snacking and climbing trees.

That in a video, climbing up coconut trees, washing horses, feeding them and riding them. It also features a few other animals and birds such as a hen, a tiny baby goat and dogs, who all wanted to be friends with her. She is also seen doing her own laundry, snacking on berries while laying in the grass, reading books, making friends with the staff and more.

Jacqueline goes on to say, I am living in this farmhouse with Salman and the family because of the lockdown, I know this, due to Lockdown, most of the people are facing a lot of problems.

I am very sad for those people, I am just thankful to be safe here. As much as possible from my side, I will help the poor people and I pray to God, this pandemic of coronavirus will end soon And all become normal as before.