Janani Iyer shares her fitness fundas

She might not be flooding her social media accounts with her exercise videos and post-workout pictures, but Janani Iyer is one of the fittest actresses in the industry. And the youngster says she believes in simple fundas to maintain a healthy body and mind.

“Eat. Sleep on time. Exercise. These are the three main things that I keep in mind,” begins Janani, adding, “Some people follow trends. My advice to them is, don’t do something because somebody else is doing it. First understand your body type and then work out and eat accordingly. At the end, it’s all about having a healthy lifestyle. We can all workout like crazy, but having junk food after that is not going to help. You need to choose wisely what you eat. A healthy diet is equally important for a healthy lifestyle.”

So, what’s the one thing she reaches out to after a good exercise? “Water!” she says, “I drink at least a bottle of water after gymming or doing any kind of exercise. When you work out, you sweat profusely and feel hungry. So, drinking water will be helpful as it takes care of both your hunger and dehydration.”

The actress also includes almonds in her diet. “I love anything with almonds in it. Like a healthy smoothie with almonds. Or just soaked or roasted almonds. I feel they are healthy and filling,” she signs off.