Jisshu-Nilanjanaa worried about daughter Sara’s fake profiles on social media

Fake accounts of celebs on social media is a common problem. Recently Raj Chakrabarty pointed out that some people were using a fake account in his name and chatting to the extent sending inappropriate messages to some women and later it was reported.

A few days back, Nilanjanaa Sengupta too had posted on Facebook about several fake profiles existing on her daughter Sara Sengupta’s name. She had posted: This has been brought to my notice by many of my friends on Facebook. This is a FAKE PROFILE!!!We are taking the necessary measures and have already reported the profile. Kindly do not entertain any requests from this profile. Please report this fake profile and help us bring it down! (sic) “Sara is not on Facebook at all. Though she has an account that was created when she was acting in Uma to post all her activities related to the film. But her account was managed by me, she doesn’t even know the password. Of late I was getting calls from friends and relatives that Sara has sent them friend requests on Facebook and then I was taken aback. I checked and saw that it was a fake account. She is active on Instagram and there too people are using her name. She is too young to handle all these. After speaking to Jisshu (U Sengupta), we have mailed to the Facebook and Instagram officials, about this. And we are in the process of speaking to cyber cell too. There are many who use celebs names by creating fake accounts. I really don’t know how to stop all these,” said Nilanjanaa.