Jora:The Second Chapter

Jora: The Second Chapter is a Indian Punjabi language film directed by Amardeep Singh Gill. It is Produced by Bathinda Wale Bai Films. It stars Dharmendra,, Deep Sindhu, Japji Khaira, Guggu gill, Mahie Gill plays an important role. The film was released on 06 March 2020. Maximum runtime of the film is 2 hours 1 minute.

As the title suggest, this the second part of Jora series. This filmed had an Action, Thriller, Political Drama with crime sprinkled all over, explores the life of Jora, played by Deep Sindhu. Deep Sindhu looks intense in this one, even more than the last time. There are Mahie Gill plays a good cop, Japji is a politician, Gugu Gill is a veteran in politics and Singaa is a young boy fighting elections in Punjab university. He has an arch rivalry with Deeep sindhu. It reflects the creativity involved in presenting the ordinary. The screenplay is very strong and the dialogues are as powerful, most having an underlying reference or meaning.

There is a fight between good and bad, within the system, among politics, involving the judiciary and common man. But here again, good and bad both are relative; subjective to each of the characters. Although the film is about Jora, the way every character has played their role is remarkable, And Dharmendra , the superstar, in just one simple dialogue, sends forth the meaning of statecraft and clear. Since the movie is full of suspense.

Jora: The Second Chapter, became commercial success upon its release. The film has collected $34,944 worldwide gross.