June: Comedy is the most difficult genre of acting

June is busy shooting for the mega serial Sanjher Bati. And her tight schedule couldn’t let her enjoy many films at the 26th Kolkata International Film Festival this year. “I have such a busy schedule that I could make it to the festival just once. I watched The Man Who Sold His Skin directed by Kaouther Ben Hania and I am really happy after watching the film. It’s too good. It is about a Syrian refugee in Lebanon, who allows his back to become a canvas for a famous tattoo artist. And after that collectors become interested in this work of art- the film is beautifully shot and the actors are so effortless in the film,” said June. June, who is also part of many comedy films, enjoyed at the Cine Adda where the topic was, is comedy dependent on dialogue? “I am part of many comedy films and I feel it is one of the most difficult genres of acting. One needs to be a brilliant actor with great comic timing to be a successful comedy actor. Only a good dialogue can’t make a scene comical, one needs a proper actor to back that dialogue,” said June.

The actress is also part of Kishmish, where Dev and Rukmini Maitra play the lead. “It is a love story and I play Rukmini’s mother in this film. Kamaleswar Mukherjee essays my husband’s character,” said the actress, who will also be seen in Arindam Sil’s upcoming thriller, Khela Jokhon.