Kajol admits that being a mom has helped her acting career

Kajol says, when I became a mother, I thought, I should not fail in this work. Kajol reminds of the time when I gave birth to “Nysa” my first baby. Then she realized that being a mother is not an easy thing.

I felt that raising children and making them a good person, I could not handle this thing alone, For this my whole family was with me. My children have just grown up, my daughter “Nysa” who is 16 now, and my son” Yug” is “9” years old. Kajol goes on to say, “Nysa” and “Yug” give positiveness to both of my children, helping me to become a better actress. She says that, my children want me to become a better person.

Kajol says, my children have not seen many of my films, but they like to watch Bollywood movies. But still he has not seen many of my films, because he says I cry a lot in movies. When asked about her mother actress “Tanuja, she says that me and my mother’s relationship has always been good.

Whenever we were together, we never discussed about films, Which film should or should not be done, it was  complete my decision. She never interfered in my decision.

Kajol says my mother gave me a lot of advice, but I used to ignore her. But whenever there was any problem, then his advice work to handle this problem.

On Mother’s Day, Kajol has given message to all mothers, It is important to give love to your children, to scold children, to feed them all these things are done by every mother, but to make them feel loved.