Kamal Haasan lashes out at those who attacked elephant with burning tyre

A 50-year-old elephant has died near Ooty after severe injuries caused by a burning tyre thrown at it. A video of the attack has emerged on social media and has caused a massive uproar among people. In the video, the attackers are seen throwing a burning tyre on the animal after it came close to a resort. The elephant, which was already being treated by the forest officials for a back injury, eventually died. While two persons involved in the attack have been arrested, one person is missing.

Actor Kamal Haasan, too, took to his social media page, and lashed out at the attackers. In a post, he wrote, “We destroyed forests to create human habitations but completely forgot the plight of animals that were rendered homeless. How did people get into the habit of burning a hapless animal alive? This despite the fact that the elephant stepped back? Is this called civilisation? The scream of the elephant is still ringing in my ears. We bow our heads in shame.” Many animal lovers have out at the resort owners for the cruelty meted against the animal.