Kangana Ranaut's Twitter followers drop by 40,000-50,000 daily, actress wonders what is wrong

Kangana Ranaut recently joined Twitter through a verified account, that was previously managed by her digital team. The actress has been voicing her opinions on social media and recently noticed that her followers have decreased. When a Twitter user pointed out to Kangana that her follower count was decreasing, she replied affirmatively and questioned Twitter support, “I agree I notice pattern every day 40-50 thousand followers drop, I am very new to this place but how does this work? Why are they doing this any idea?”

Kangana went on to reveal that she was close to a million followers on Twitter last night but missed out on the mark. “Hmm I see Nationalists have to struggle every where, racket is so strong, I noticed because last night we were to very close to a million, anyway, sincere apologies to all those who are getting unfollows automatically, so unfair but arnt we used to this now?”

Besides calling spade a spade, Kangana has been doling out nostalgia and has also been posing doting memories on Twitter.