Karisma Kapoor's advice that We should not over-read and overthink About Coronavirus during Lockdown Period

Karisma Kapoor is stay with her childrens and pet canine during the lockdown. She has been connected with her fans on her Instagram page to stay safe and be at home during this overall painfull situation of coronavirus Lockdown. Earlier during an interaction with Vogue India, karisma said her activities during the lockdown “Apart from spending time with family and doing a little bit exercise in home, I just read some old books, share some Happy movement in our life with her family members. Give some time for our  little bit hobbies if it is possible in home.

Now, while talking to HT Cafe, Lolo spoke about social distancing by saying, “It is indeed a difficult time for everyone around the globe. But I am trying to look on the positive side. Before the lockdown started, I was busy with the promotions of my film Mentalhood for the last two months. So this has been a nice time spend for me at home with my family members. People may feel bored at home, but we doing  Lots of good work if any possible during the period of lockdown. So don’t feel bad.”

She also said that she is offline from social media most of the time during the day. Karisma further shared, “We should not over-read and overthink about the situation.  It is difficult to do that at such a time but we need to find the right balance.”

She also said that in interacting with Vogue India, “Frankly I don’t get that much time for reading, so I’m trying to use this lockdown to do that, a little bit of personal inrection with my soul.’’