Karthick Naren wants Lokesh Kanagaraj to write more characters like JD

Looks like filmmaker Karthick Naren had just watched Lokesh Kanagaraj‘s ‘Master’ featuring Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi in the lead. The young director has been putting some stills from the movie with wacky captions on his social media account. He also added that he wants more characters like JD, played effortlessly by Thalapathy Vijay.

In his post, Karthick said, “It’s easy to pass off JD as an alcoholic when he is just a broken soul who can’t make peace with his traumatic past & memories (the mystery is the icing on the cake). It takes him something extremely heartbreaking (the trigger point which was missing in his life for a while) to bring him back to the reality which he was consciously avoiding. Because most of us end up living in our own world eventually. Definitely one of the best characters out there. Lokesh na, more JD’s please.”

And that’s not all Karthick also wants a prequel with JD and VC Selvam, Kamal Haasan’s character in ‘Nammavar’. He said, “A prequel featuring the bond between an innocent John Durairaj & his master VC Selvam, which ultimately ends up in the soul crushing death of one and the mass transformation of the other would be dope, no? The circle of life!!!” Well, we sure wouldn’t mind a prequel like that! Are you reading, Lokesh?