Karthik Subbaraj's short film on OTT copied?

Writer Ajayan Bala has alleged that director Karthik Subbaraj’s film ‘Miracle’ from the anthology ‘Putham Pudhu Kaalai’, which is being aired on a popular OTT platform, is lifted from his story.

Ajayan Bala said, “My friend Ilangaivendhan frantically asked me to watch the newly released movie ‘Putham Pudhu Kaalai’ released on a popular OTT platform. When asked why, the reason he gave me was shocking. The last short film in it titled ‘Miracle’ was a copy of my short film ‘Sachin Cricket Club’ that was released on YouTube last month after delay in post production due to the coronavirus lockdown. He said that they had copied the story from my short film.”

“While my story had ten people in it and was set during the day time, their story was with two people during the night. Apart from that, the crux of the story of that greediness will lead to more loss, doing a wrong deed for the need of money will lead to losing the money in hand and the climax portion of revealing that the money is fake is all same as my story,” added Ajayan Bala.

Writer Ajayan Bala says that Bobby Simha has been a close friend of his and have known each other for twelve years. He was also not sure if the issue can be legally dealt with. Stating that a unique idea is important for a short film, he questions if there is shortage of stories that people are copying ideas from a person who has been struggling to make a film for twenty years.