Kasthuri reveals facing sexual harassment in film industry

Popular actress and social activist Kasthuri, who has been active on social media voicing her opinion, yesterday revealed that she has faced sexual harassment in the film industry. He made this shocking revelation while sharing her thoughts on the latest sexual harassment accusation on Bollywood filmmaker Anurag Kashyap by actress Payal Ghosh, but also said she was not going to reveal the names as she can’t prove they are guilty.

Kasthuri on her social networking page said, “Actress Payal Ghosh has accused Anurag Kashyap of sexual assault. Legal view: Allegations of sexual assault without tangible or corroborative evidence are near impossible to prove. But They can ruin either one or all of the names involved. Nothing Good.” (sic)

Responding a user, who had asked Kasthuri if she would be reacting the same way if such a thing had happened to someone close to her, the bold actress made a shocking reveal that it has happened to he behind closed doors.

“So I have complete sympathy for victims of sexual harassment. But My personal view is not law. The due process of law is designed to discourage fake allegations and must therefore stay reliant on evidence,” added Kasthuri.

Talking about the MeToo movement, Kasthuri said, “The #metoo movement has offered extralegal solace to victims. In many countries, #metoo has been hijacked by gold diggers. In India, not seen anything come out of it except grief for the whistle blowers. I still remain hopeful that justice will prevail and truth will triumph.”