Keerthi Suresh

The coronavirus-induced lockdown has turned most of us into fitness enthusiasts. This includes celebrities as well, who have taken to social media to give us superb fitspiration goals. On Friday, actress Keerthi Suresh took to Instagram to show us her love for Surya Namaskar.

“Nothing like starting the day with 150 Surya Namaskar. Aiming for 200 next! Cant express how buoyant and refreshing it is. To those who aren’t aware, it enlightens all your chakras, boosts your immunity and increases blood circulation. I’ll stop with this, you’ll have to do it once and you’ll see what this is all about! 😁

#yogainspiration #yoga #healthylifestyle #instahealth #fitnessmotivation #instayoga #yogainspiration #suryanamaskar,” she said in her post, along with a video of her doing the asana.

Keerthi Suresh, who was last seen in films including her National Film Award-winning stint with ‘Mahanati’, ‘Sarkar’ and ‘Penguin’, will next be seen in ‘Annaatthe ‘ and ‘Miss India’, among other titles.