Kolkata artists join hands for a Soumitra Chatterjee tribute foundation

Stalwarts like Soumitra Chatterjee live on. And helping people hold on to his memories and work a group of artists in Bengal and his family have joined hands to establish Soumitra Chatterjee Foundation. Recently, a city art gallery witnessed a precursor to what the legend’s many followers will be privy to in the coming years.

“It’s an important job to help in the research and learning about the great personality that he was. He was not only an actor but the greatest of intellectuals of his generation. He was a poet, a thespian, a painter and a thinker. Ten years down the line if someone wants to learn more about his life and work, they should be able to. As a community, we tend to forget people easily after their death. A quick swaran sabha and tribute are all that matters. This foundation will keep the legend alive,” said actor Kaushik Sen, who is a part of the process.

Apart from him, painter Jogen Chowdhury and actor Debshankar Haldar are also involved in the work. Soumitra Chatterjee’s daughter, Poulomi Bose, and wife, Deepa Chatterjee, are also playing a crucial role in the plan. The legal and administrative formalities are in progress. A space to build an office has been arranged already. A memorial lecture will be held once every year. There will also be scope for online archives too since not everyone will be able to visit the foundation.