Koshish (1972)

Apr 21, 2020
Koshish (1972)

This movie was made in 1972, it was inspired by the Japanese movie “Happiness of Us Alone.” The movie was directed and written by Gulzar and it was produced by Romu N. Sippy and Raj N. Sippy. K Vaikunth has handled the cinematography editing was done by Waman B Bhosle and Gurudutt Shirali.

It Stars Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Bhaduri in a lead role with supporting cast Om Shivpuri, Asrani, Dina Pathak, Dilip Kumar.

Music was composed by Madan Mohan, a movie consist only two songs “Soja Baba Mere” which was sung by Mohammad Rafi and “Humse Hai Watan Hamara” sung by Sushma Shreshta.

The film won two National Awards in 1973 for Best Actor to Sanjeev Kumar and Best Screenplay to Gulzar and it has also nominated in Filmfare Awards for Best Actress and Best Actor in 1974.

It was released on 1 December 1972, and later it was remade in Tamil in 1977 as Uyarndhavargal starring Kamal Haasan and Sujatha.

The story was based on Hari (Sanjeev Kumar) and Aarti (Jaya Bhaduri) both are deaf and mute. They fall in love and get married. They are afraid that their kids would also be deaf and dumb. Their first child dies in an accident they feel they could have prevented their child if they been able to hear his voice out of their house. With the help of uncle Narayan (Om Shivpuri) who is blind helps them out with their second child. Afterthought their son grows older his mother is dead and his father wants to arrange his marriage with a deaf and dumb girl, initially his son not agreed but later he realized that deaf and dumb people never give up like his parents and also have hopes and ambitions.