Koushani Mukherjee: People have to let go of the comfort of watching films on their phones

The emergence of OTT has disrupted the entertainment sector. It has transformed movie-watching into a more convenient, accessible and affordable practice across a wider segment of users. Anybody with a mobile phone and internet connection can catch-up with a movie sitting anywhere in the world.

What do you do when you cannot step outside to meet friends? Work is limited to laptops and PCs inside your home, and shopping means buying from one of the many apps that are offering home delivery services. Well, you binge-watch TV shows and movies! So, with the OTT boom and focus on web shows, how can Bengali mainstream films reinvent in 2021?

Well, Koushani Mukherjee who has been part of a number of commercial hits believes there was already a demand for new themes in the Bengali film industry, which started even before the pandemic. “Everybody is looking for good content. If there is no good content, there’s no point in being a part of that film. People are watching web shows because of the content. However, in our industry typecasting happens a lot. Once there is a focus on good, relevant and inventive content for mainstream films the audience will increase further,” shared the actress during an exclusive chat with ETimes.

She also insists the audience needs to support cinema halls as well. “We are a small family in this industry and we should all work together. OTT is good and creating opportunities for actors too but now it has become a disadvantage too as people are not willing to let go of the comfort of watching films on their phones,” added Koushani.

On the work front, Koushani’s latest film with Bonny Sengupta ‘Tumi Ashbe Bole’ got released last month in theatres and has received mixed reactions from the audience.