Krishna Shroff’s ex-boyfriend Eban Hyams posts another cryptic message on relationships: Don't be mad at me, when you did worse to your ex

Krishna Shroff recently parted ways with her ex-boyfriend Eban Hyams for reasons best known to them. Ever since then, Eban has been sharing some cryptic posts about relationships on his social media handles.

On Tuesday, the basketball player took to Instagram Stories and wrote, “Don’t be mad at me, when you did worse to your ex. Don’t try to talk down about me or stay mad when you don’t have to be. #simple.”

Earlier, he had shared a similar post directed towards people who talk bad about their exes. He wrote, “If you the one who decided to break off with you ex partner in a relationship just know they gonna think, do and say the worst things about you so they can feel better about themselves but it never really fixes the problem and how they feel cause deep down inside they still hurting. So don’t play the same game as them just try to be there as a friend and try to help if you can by being the bigger person. #GODBLESSES.”

After parting ways, Krishna had taken to her picture-sharing app and shared the news of their break-up with her fans. She wrote, “All you fan clubs are cute and all. But please stop tagging me in edits with Eban. We aren’t together anymore. So stop associating us. Letting you all know since it was so public.” She also deleted all her pictures with him.