KS Ravikumar: Even if it’s a remake, I only take the basic story and do my own screenplay

In his vast filmography, KS Ravikumar has worked on quite a few adaptations. While he debuted with the Tamil remake of the Kannada film Tarka, Puriyada Pudir, his Muthu and Avvai Shanmughi, were also adaptations.

Talking about how his first film happened to be a remake, he says, “RB Choudary sir was producing that film and he’d called me to ask if I could write the screenplay for a Kannada film which he wanted to remake. He showed the film to me, booked me a room in Peninsula and asked me to work on the screenplay. I called him in a week and said the screenplay was ready. He came over for a narration and told me that I’d be directing the film. But I was skeptical, and so, I met him the next day to say that I didn’t want to do the movie as the story was not mine, and that since it was a suspense film, with murder and all, women and children won’t come to theatres. There might not be a repeat audience. However, he convinced me, saying he will produce my next film as well.”

Ask the director what the challenges of working on remakes are and he says, “I am not really into remakes. I take the base story of the film and do my own screenplay. We got rights of Thenmavin Kombath for Muthu because we had retained the Kerala portions. But we only borrowed the basic idea for Avvai Shanmugi from Mrs Doubtfire. For a film to be called a copy it should have seven identical scenes; you won’t even find one in this film.”