Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)

Kuch kuch hota film was romantic drama released on 1998. This is directed by Karan Johar. This film is starred by shahrukh khan, kajol, Sapporting role played by Rani mukerji, salman khan. Shahrukh, Kajol and Rani pair are still very popular. This film was very blockbuster hit in 1998 in india and outside of country. While Youths are love to watch this film till now. In this film, little Anjali played role by sana Saeed, she is looking very preety and cute in this film. People was appreciated to him.

This film set a new level for style in Hindi movies.Dressing style of film actors and actresses, 1998 was very popular among youngsters. This film received by Filmfare Awards, Zee Cine Awards, Screen Awards, and Bollywood Movie Awards. This film won 8 Filmfare Awards and was the only film to win all four acting awards. film music was also popular in youths.

In film shahrukh as Rahul, kajol as Anjali, Rani as Tina and Salman as Aman. Story was started in Rahul Khanna loses his wife, Tina Khanna, after she gives birth to their daughter, Anjali Khanna.He raises Anjali as a single father, with the help of rahul mother On her eighth birthday, Anjali reads the last and most important letter that her mother left her; it tells the story of Rahul, Tina, and Anjali Sharma. The story was coming in Flashback, back to St. Xavier’s College, where Rahul is best friends with Anjali Sharma.

Tina, the rich and beautiful daughter of college principal Mr. Malhotra, going to at St. Xavier’s collage, and hren becomes friends with Rahul and Anjali. Rahul continuously  flirts with Tina, trying to win her heart. Later, Rahul and Tina fall in love together. After Rahul said that “love is friendship,” Anjali slowly starts to realize that she love to rahul. However, when she decides to confess her feelings with Rahul.

Rahul run and come to meet Anjali and he said,” I am falling love with Tina. then Anjali was very crying emotional  because he loves to tina not her. Recentaly Anjali decided, to leave college and shares a tearful goodbye with Rahul and Tina.

Back in the present, Tina explains in her letter that Rahul is alone, Tina asks her daughter to meet again Rahul and Anjali.Anjali Sharma, in the present, has become a beautiful woman and is now engaged to Aman Mehra, but not love to him because she is not forgetted Rahul. After some time liitle Anjali and his grandmother going to summer camp in Shimla, then both meet to Anjali sharma, where Anjali Sharma is a student counsellor. Anjali Khanna meets Anjali Sharma, and the two become friends. Recently her father Rahul comes in summer camp.

Spending time together, Rahul and Anjali fall in love with each other. When Aman comes at the summer camp, for giving Anjali because To get married. Then Rahul is heartbroken, but congratulates Anjali. but Rahul Daughter not ready for this things. Because she promise to her mother, she will meet Rahul and Anjali together.Rahul and his family go to Anjali’s wedding, where Rahul silently confesses his love to Anjali, and watches in tears. When Aman realizes that she has always been in love with Rahul, and he releases Anjali from their engagement. then Rahul and Anjali share an emotional get married.