Lakshmi Manchu talks about the importance of meditation

Lakshmi Manchu is one of the actress in the industry who’s quite keen about maintaining physical and as well as mental health. She has been a great fitness inspiration for many of her fans, especially her followers on her social media. She has been regularly posting fitness videos on social media and has been sharing with fans the importance of maintaining one’s body. She has also been quite vocal about being in a happy and stress-free space. And that’s why she is quite a big fans of meditation. Today, in a video she has shared on her social media page, the actress talks about the importance of meditation and how one will benefit a lot by practicing meditation regularly.

It looks like the actress has taken the video as she takes a break in between the shoot. And she says how exhausted she felt during the shoot and that she decided to do a bit of meditation to tide over that state of mind. And she does some breathing exercises to calm herself down and she urges the viewers also to do it with her. And she writes a note small along with the video. She writes that meditation is important. And she adds that it doesn’t matter how tiring a day or shoot might be, all she needs to do is meditate to feel calm. And she also writes that brilliant ideas take shape in calm minds.

The actress was last seen in Tamil in Jyotika’s comedy drama film, ‘Kaatrin Mozhi’, which released in the year 2018.