Lakshmy Ramakrishnan helps elderly couple rebuild house

Director-actress Lakshmy Ramakrishnan seems to have helped en elderly couple rebuild their house recently. The actress said that the couple had been part of her show Nerkonda Paarvai and that she was happy to build them a house since heavy rains are expected soon.

She shared the news on her social media and shared the pictures of the house. She posted, “Heavy rains predicted & I feel so happy becas we managed to build a house just in time for an elderly couple who had come to #NerkondaParvai , the lady was saying her house was leaking , Thanks to Mrs Theresa & her husband who contributed to this work.”

She also shared a video in which the couple is thanking her for the new house. Lakshmy Ramki then wrote, “I am so happy they are safe during this rainy season, it is just one family , there are many like them , but every drop counts.” (sic)